9:30 LRN Newscast January 28

Authorities are working to bring back a south Louisiana man suspected of killing his parents and his girlfriend, plus her father and brother. 21-year-old Dakota Theriot was arrested Sunday at his grandmother’s home in Virginia. Theriot’s killing spree started Saturday at a home just outside of Walker and then he went to his parents home in Gonzales. Ascension Sheriff Bobby Webre says some sort of domestic dispute sparked the slayings
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Detectives are still trying to develop a motive.

There’s a chance residents in north and central Louisiana could wake up to a light snowfall tomorrow. Extreme northeast Louisiana could see over an inch, while the rest of the northern half of the state could see up to an inch. South Louisiana could see sleet and snow flurries and temperatures will be 10 to 15 degrees below normal tomorrow and Wednesday.

Louisiana’s official digital driver’s license, LA Wallet, can be used to purchase alcohol and tobacco at retail stores. Alcohol and Tobacco Control Commissioner Juana Marine Lombard says if you are concerned it could result in minors purchasing beer or cigarettes, a fake digital ID would be difficult to pull off…
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Caddo Lake in northwest Louisiana will be featured today at 5 PM on National Geographic’s documentary series Explorer. The lake has been threatened by an invasive weed known as Giant Salvinia and Caddo Lake Institute Executive Director Laura-Ashley Overdyke says there are efforts to create a creature that can go toe to toe with the growing menace.
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