9:30 LRN Newscast Jan 26

Hundreds of Louisiana families are looking to get back to work now that President Donald Trump has signed funding bills to reopen the government after it was shutdown for 35 days. The president did not get his wish for border wall funding and the legislation approved only keeps government open through February 15th.

Hours before a vote to end the government shutdown, Louisiana Republican Senator Bill Cassidy took to the Senate floor demanding answers from the NFL regarding last Sunday’s missed pass interference call. Cassidy wants to know how the league graded the refs that played a role in the worst blown call in the history of sports…
cut 10 (11) “…particular play”
Commissioner Roger Goodell will have to address the issue next week when he holds his annual Super Bowl week press conference.

There is the chance for winter weather in Louisiana early next week. The National Weather Service says rain on Monday night could change to a brief rain and sleet mix before transitioning over to light snow over north and central Louisiana. Right now the prediction is for light snowfall accumulations early Tuesday morning.

An end of an era has come for high school athletics. The LHSAA principals voted Friday to give “select” schools the ability to play their championship games at a venue separate from public schools. But Teurlings Catholic Principal Mike Boyer says depending on what the school with the highest seed decides, the title game could still be held at a big venue…
cut 16 (12) “…colleges”
The decision also impacts the title games for the sports of basketball, baseball and softball.