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Two competing Senate bills to re-open the government both failed to obtain the 60 votes needed to pass, and now we’re into day 35 of the historically long shutdown. But, Senator Bill Cassidy is optimistic that a deal is coming in the near future. He says there’s signs that democratic anti-wall resolve is beginning to crack, and some lawmakers from across the aisle are looking to make a deal…

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One measure, would have temporarily re-opened the government through February 8th, the other was a long term fix that, was the President’s offer of legal protections for “Dreamers” in return for 5.7 billion to fund additional border wall.

And due to that shutdown three flights at Monroe Regional Airport had to be canceled today because T-S-A agents did not show up for work. Public Relations Media Coordinator for the City of Monroe Rod Washington.

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The small Allen Parish town of Oakdale is feeling the effects of the federal government shutdown. Connor Ferrill explains why…

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