9:30 LRN Newscast January 25

Two competing Senate bills to re-open the government both failed to obtain the 60 votes needed to pass, and we’re now 35 days into the historically long shutdown. Federal workers are nearing a full month without pay, and with rent coming due, many of their lives are getting precarious. Senator Bill Cassidy….
Cut 13 (12) “…Pelosi”

Twenty-six-year-old Lacey Blount of Sulphur was booked on a negligent homicide charge after her eight-month-old child died at a local hospital. Sheriff Tony Mancuso says his deputies found marijuana and meth in the home and Blount actually tried to hide the drugs while first responders were performing C-P-R on the child. Mancuso says it’s a tragic event…
cut 11 (08) “…heard the baby”

The Sunshine Bridge in St. James Parish will be closed from Saturday morning until Monday morning so that crews can repair and replace the bridge’s structural supports…
cut 5 (09) “…too”
That’s state transportation spokesperson Rodney Mallett, who says significant work on the bridge has been ongoing since it was hit by a crane barge in October.

Stephanie Whetsone, a fifth grade math and science teacher at St Francisville’s Bains Elementary School, has received 25-thousand dollars from the Milken Family Foundation for her excellent work in the classroom. She’s one 33 teachers nationwide to receive the award and is grateful for the extra compensation…
cut 9 (12) “…other things”
The 25-thousand dollars is a no strings attached cash prize.