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Governor John Bel Edwards says he’s open to dedicating revenue from sports betting to early childhood education.  Kevin Barnhart has the story.

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A day care worker has been arrested in Bossier City and charged with cruelty to a juvenile. Parents of a toddler enrolled at the Epic Learning Center were called on January 7th and informed of an incident that had occurred on the premises, and which point the parents called Bossier Police. Investigators say 61-year-old Patricia Newsome picked up the toddler, shook the kid, and then threw it to the floor. She’s been booked into Bossier City Jail.

After a 2015 GOP gubernatorial blood bath that saw the ascendance of The South’s only Democratic governor, Louisiana Republican operative Scott Wilfong, on Talk Louisiana, said the party is taking a hard look in 2019 at throwing their weight behind just one candidate before the October open primary. Wilfong says potential candidates will be given an opportunity to build support and compete for the Louisiana GOP’s backing, and he hopes that once a frontrunner becomes clear, the other competitors will bow out gracefully.

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The only two Republicans in the race so far are Baton Rouge businessman Eddie Rispone, and Congressman Ralph Abraham.

An Acadian restauranteur and chef has died following a plane crash while on a hunting trip in California. Robin had owned and operated Robin’s Restaurant in Hersonville for about four decades, but had recently been working as the hospitality chef for Tabasco Pepper Sauce. Henderson Mayor Sherbin Collette.

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