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Educators are keeping their finger on the pulse of sports betting in Louisiana after Governor John Bel Edwards says he’s open to dedicating any revenue from the additional gaming to better preparing children for kindergarten. While he expects the gains to be modest, Edwards says the sports betting is also an important aspect in making sure the state doesn’t see a decline in gaming revenue.

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Edwards says the legislature has commissioned a study on sports betting to inform their decision moving forward.

An Acadian restauranteur and chef has died following a plane crash while on a hunting trip in California.  Lionel Robin is fondly remembered in his community and his food crawfish etouffee was once featured on the Food Network.   Henderson Mayor Sherbin Collette says he has known Robin is whole life.

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USDA Secretary Sonny Perdue spoke with the press in an effort to answer questions of how the food stamps program will be impacted by the government shutdown.  In an effort to extinguish as much confusion and anxiety as possible, Perdue says soon the department will be reaching out to states to instruct them to request early issuance of February SNAP benefits. Perdue says SNAP benefits should be okay through February, which he says he’s hopeful should give ample time to resolve the issues with the government shutdown.

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