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A 64-year-old scam artist from Texas is behind bars after he allegedly convinced a  victim in Rapides Parish to pay him over $60,000, so he can pay US taxes and fees in Nigeria…

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68-year-old William Hood died earlier today while driving a U-Haul in a crash that authorities are attributing to storm related conditions in Sulphur. The vehicle was traveling along the road when a large tree was uprooted due to wind and heavy rain saturation on the ground, and then fell on the road and landed on the truck’s cab. Hood’s son, and passenger, was transported to the hospital with unknown injuries.

Louisiana is one of nine states reporting a high activity level for flu-like illnesses. That’s according to CDC’s latest U-S Influenza Surveillance report. The CDC says 4.5 percent of the hospital visits in Louisiana during the Christmas week were because of the flu or flu-like illnesses. LSU Health New Orleans Infectious Diseases specialist, Doctor Fred Lopez, says that’s concerning, but not a cause for alarm just yet.

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Last year saw record numbers of flu cases state wide.

A steady rain continues to fall across an already saturated Louisiana today. National Weather Service Lake Charles Senior Forecaster Kent Kuyper says the rain, which could be heavy at times, will come to an end later today or early tomorrow morning

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Flooding concerns have popped up across the state, with authorities keeping an eye on Lake Sibley, cane River Lake, rivers in Covington, Lake Wallace, and others.