LRN PM Newscall January 3rd

A 64-year-old scam artist from Texas is behind bars after he allegedly convinced a  victim in Rapides Parish to pay him over $60,000, so he can pay US taxes and fees in Nigeria…

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Louisiana is one of nine states with a high number of flu cases. Jeff Palermo spoke with LSU Health New Orleans Infectious Diseases specialist Doctor Fred Lopez…

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A 64-year-old Texas man is in the Rapides Parish detention center accused of scamming a victim out of over $60,000 over the course of several months.  The scammer convinced the victim, he would be given a million dollars, but needed assistance paying US taxes and fees from Nigeria.  Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Capt. Tommy Carnline says the scammer claimed to be a retired FBI agent.

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Detectives got a break in the case when one of the persons that was wired money was identified as Scott Alan Romans.  A warrant was entered into a national database, and he was arrested following a traffic stop in Gulfport, Mississippi.  Carnline says an arrest in a case like this is unusual, because scammers cover their tracks well.

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Carnline says in most situations, the money is gone and there is no way to get it back to the victim.

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Romans remains incarcerated.  His bond is $20,000.


Louisiana is one of nine states reporting a high activity level for flu-like illnesses. That’s according to CDC’s latest U-S Influenza Surveillance report. LSU Health New Orleans Infectious Diseases specialist, Doctor Fred Lopez, encourages Louisiana residents to get the flu shot now

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The CDC says 4.5 percent of the hospital visits in Louisiana during the Christmas week were because of the flu or flu-like illnesses. Lopez says it’s not a surprise to see an uptick in cases around the holidays, but will we see a severe flu season???

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Last year was a bad flu season. The state department of health estimates the flu hospitalized 15-hundred people and contributed to 16-hundred deaths. Lopez says doctors are also treating cases of strep throat and various respiratory viruses

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Southeastern Louisiana University is asking area residents to donate their Christmas trees for wetland restoration. Southeastern’s Turtle Cove Environmental Research Station manager Rob Moreau says before you drop off your old Christmas Tree at a recycling site, make sure there no ornaments on them……

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This marks the 24th straight year Southeastern has conducted its recycled tree program, and Moreau estimates that 40,000 trees have been deployed since then.

Moreau says the research Southeastern scientists at Turtle Cove use the discarded trees to help build up marshland in areas that have been affected by erosion with a simple process…

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Moreau says the trees will also benefit ongoing research on the trees’ effects on helping to fill in test logging ditches, creation of Christmas tree “mounds” to create habitats for wildlife and help to control erosion along various shorelines, most recently occurring on Galva Canal.

Trees can be dropped beginning today, and the Southeastern Sustainability Center on North Oak Street will serve as a drop-off point for area residents. Other partners include the city of Hammond and Middendorf’s Restaurant in Manchac, the Hammond Maintenance Facility and Penningtons Hardware and Screenprinting in Madisonville.

Moreau says Middendorf’s has an offer for donors…

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For directions to drop off sites and available drop off times visit the website and click the News and Events tab.


A steady rain continues to fall across an already saturated Louisiana today. National Weather Service Lake Charles Senior Forecaster Kent Kuyper says the rain, which could be heavy at times, will come to an end later today or early tomorrow morning

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Calcacsieu Parish officials are concerned about possible flooding in the Starks and Vinton area. In Natchitoches Parish, Lake Sibley is overflowing and Cane River Lake is closed due to high levels. Kuyper says several lakes and rivers are at flood stage or above

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Kuyper says there is an end to all of this rain. He says the weekend looks dry and mild…

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