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Louisiana is one of nine states reporting a high activity level for flu-like illnesses. That’s according to CDC’s latest U-S Influenza Surveillance report, which says 4.5 percent of hospital visits in Louisiana during the Christmas week were because of the flu or flu-like illnesses. Despite the uptick LSU Health New Orleans Infectious Diseases specialist, Doctor Fred Lopez says the jury is still out on a potentially above average flu season.

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Lopez says get a flu shot.

The US 11 bridge between Slidell and New Orleans will be shut down to traffic starting today, running through April 18th. Department of Transportation Spokesperson Rodney Mallet says it’s the continuation of a lengthy repair process that won’t be completely finished until summer of 2020.

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The repairs will cost 28 million dollars.

Authorities believe the five wild horses gunned down in the Peason Ridge Wildlife Management Area were deliberately shot.

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There was an officer involved shooting in Monroe around 2:20AM this morning at the Super 8 Motel. Officers say they were responding to a disturbance complaint, and once they arrived on scene, shots were fired resulting in one policeman, and two subjects being hit. Both subjects hit were treated for non-life-threatening injuries and then arrested. The officer shot was also treated for non-life-threatening injuries.