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Louisiana is one of nine states reporting a high activity level for flu-like illnesses. That’s according to CDC’s latest U-S Influenza Surveillance report. LSU Health New Orleans Infectious Diseases specialist, Doctor Fred Lopez, encourages Louisiana residents to get the flu shot now

Cut 6 (09) “…be protected.″

The US 11 bridge between Slidell and New Orleans will be shut down to traffic starting today, running through April 18th. Department of Transportation Spokesperson Rodney Mallet says the nearly 100 year old structure is facing new age electrical problems, and often puts commuters on their way to and from the Northshore and New Orleans East in a bit of a bind…

Cut 5 (10) “…kind of unreliable.”

The repairs will cost 28 million dollars.

A 68-year-old man is arrested and charged with terrorizing after threatening to shoot up a store.   The Thibodaux Police Department says Louis Albarado became irate after he claims someone took his shopping cart while he was not looking.  Police Lt. Clint Dempster says the man had accused several different customers of taking the cart during his time in the store.
Cut 11 (08) “…he found out.”
Albarado later told police his intention was to go grab his .44 magnum and return to the store to shoot the person responsible for the missing buggy.

The shooting deaths of five horses at Peason Ridge Wildlife Management Area is currently being investigated by Ft. Polk personnel.  Spokesperson for the Pegasus Equine Guardian Association Amy Hanchey says she believes the killings were no accident and is glad to know the base is investigating the matter.
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Hanchey say historical documentation shows the wild horses have roamed the area dating back to the 14th century