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The Associated Press reports 22 state lawmakers left before finishing their term over the last three years. Why such a high turnover rate?  Jeff Palermo has more…

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A pastor whose wife was killed late November in a New Orleans carjacking has been declared missing after this vehicle was found abandoned in the city. David Plessy was last heard from by his daughter on Monday, who says they’re quite worried because it’s highly unusual for Mr. Plessy to be out of contact with his family for this long. His wife died after three teenagers threw her out of the vehicle, and struck her as they departed.

Starting this year Hospitals are now required to put a master price list online for all of their services, but Unfortunately a brief survey of Louisiana hospitals indicated that many have either not posted those prices on their primary hospital website, have dead links to price charts, or have made them very difficult to access. So, if you’re interested in seeing what the real cost of that x-ray is, you may not have an easy time doing it…

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That’s Louisiana Hospital Association President Paul Salles who says the prices are also referred to as “charges”, or “standard charges”.

Much of Louisiana is under a flash flood watch as several inches of rain are expected to fall between today and Friday morning. Kent Kuyper with the National Weather Service in Lake Charles says we are also seeing chilly temperatures

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Central Louisiana could see see the highest rainfall totals, as three to five inches is forecasted.