1:30 LRN Newscast January 2nd

The new 116th Congress begins tomorrow, and they do so in the shadow of a partial federal government shutdown. Republicans and Democrats are divided over border security funding. President Donald Trump is seeking five-billion dollars to build a wall between Mexico and the US. Louisiana Congressman Mike Johnson says there are some in Congress who do not want to give President Trump a win.
Cut 12 (06) “…of the people.”

Louisiana’s legislature has also become more partisan over the years, which is one reason why 22 legislators have failed to finish their term since 2016. That’s according to the Associated Press. Political analyst Bernie Pinsonat says being a state legislator isn’t as a glamorous as it used to be…
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Hospitals are now required to post a list of prices for their services on their website. Matt Doyle has more.
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Much of Louisiana is under a flash flood watch as several inches of rain are expected to fall betweeen today and Friday morning. Kent Kuyper with the National Weather Service in Lake Charles says heavy downpours are possible today and tonight and again during the day tomorrow…
cut 15 (10) “….more rain”