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Gasoline prices continue to fall, and according to Triple-A, the statewide average for a gallon of regular gasoline is a $1.95.  Fuel analyst Don Redman says gas prices should remain below two-dollars until March, when refineries begin the switch to summer grade gasoline. He says until then, the supply of gasoline on the market is strong

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Today’s price is down 20 cents from a month ago.

The Louisiana Legislature is seeing a high turnover rate as the AP reports 22 state lawmakers, roughly 15%, have left office without completing their terms since January 2016. The state has held ten legislative sessions in three years, including seven special sessions called by Governor John Bel Edwards. Political analyst Bernie Pinsonat says between the workload, the time away from jobs and families, and the lack of retirement and medical benefits, it’s just not as an attractive position as it once was.

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Beginning January 1st, hospitals were required to put a master price list online for all of their services. It’s a mandate from the 2010 Affordable Care Act that aims to get consumers more involved in their healthcare, but Louisiana Hospital Association President Paul Salles cautions if you have insurance, those prices won’t be your final bill.

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Unfortunately a brief survey of Louisiana hospitals indicated that many have either not posted those prices on their primary hospital website, have dead links to price charts, or have made them very difficult to access. When available, the prices come via excel spreadsheet.