12:30 Newscast December 31, 2014

Over 56-thousand people in Louisiana have selected a health insurance plan during the first month of enrollment through what is commonly referred to as “Obamacare.” Jeff Palermo has the story…

cut 2 (32) “reporting”

National media outlets are reporting that LSU defensive coordinator John Chavis will accept an offer for the same position at Texas A&M. It’s reported to be a three-year deal. The compensation is still being worked out. Chavis has been with the Tigers since 2009.

Tomorrow’s Sugar Bowl matchup between Ohio State and Alabama is bringing lots of fans to New Orleans. New Orleans Convention and Visitors Bureau Communications Director Lauren Cason says the Sugar Bowl’s added importance as one of the College Football National Championship semi-final games is bringing an extra dose of excitement to the city. She says having two teams with huge fanbases is a great for the economy…

cut 10 (11) “great business”

Cason adds that New Orleans has been named one of the best places to celebrate New Year’s Eve in the nation. She says New Year’s Eve and the Sugar Bowl provide a great start to the tourism year in New Orleans.