LRN PM Newscall November 30

A Louisiana school that produced viral videos showing its students receiving acceptance letters to prestigious universities is now accused of falsifying transcripts. Jeff Palermo has the story…

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Americans for Prosperity launches an anti-gas tax campaign on Saturday with ads on social media and gas station video screens…

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All good things must come to an end and the Saints 10-game winning streak ended last night with a 13-10 loss to Dallas. New Orleans was held to 176 total yards of offense as Quarterback Drew Brees was under duress for much of the game

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Brees threw for just 39 yards in the first half and ended up with 127 yards passing. New Orleans couldn’t get its run game going as Alvin Kamara was held to 36 yards rushing, while Mark Ingram had just 27 yards on the ground. Coach Sean Payton says not enough success on first down, led to a long night…

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The officials missed an obvious targeting penalty when Dallas linebacker Jaylon Smith made helmet-to-helmet contact on Alvin Kamara. Instead of punting, the Saints should have received a first down on a critical drive in the fourth quarter. Payton was asked about the hit in the postgame

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The Saints record falls to 10-2 and they slip to second in the NFC.


A federal judge has ordered $34.8 million in restitution from the owner of Explo Systems, a military contractor hired to demilitarize artillery charges at Camp Minden in Webster Parish, in a case stemming from a huge munitions blast in 2012 due to illegal dumping of the materials.  US Attorney David Joseph says it was a difficult case to clean up.

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Explo Systems, who went bankrupt in 2013 had an $8.7 million contract for the job.  In addition to the restitution, David Alan Smith, owner of the company was sentenced to just shy of five years in prison, with four others in the company receiving sentences of between 2 to 5 years behind bars.  Joseph says he’s happy with the outcome.

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Joseph says the state has already been reimbursed for the cost it incurred from the case, so the restitution would be going toward the military.

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A Koch brother’s backed conservative advocacy group will begin airing anti-gas tax ads on social media and at gas station video screens across the state this weekend ahead of next year’s legislative session that may include a push to raise the tax to pay for road projects. Americans for Prosperity State Director John Kay says it’s no time for another tax.

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Last year. infrastructure advocates attempted to pass a 17 cent gas tax that would have raised half a billion dollars a year to pay for infrastructure. Kay says that kind of price hike on an everyday item would hurt.

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Those advocates say they’re considering a six-cent gas tax increase next legislative session, with two cent hikes every other year after that.

Louisianans pay 38.4 cents per gallon in gas taxes total, 20 of which is state gas tax, one of the lowest totals in the nation. Kay says that’s something to be lauded, and that makes up for the state’s higher than normal sales tax rate.

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Pennsylvania leads the nation in state gas tax rates at 58.7 cents a gallon.


Holiday traditions and events around the Bayou State are becoming quite the draw for visitors.  Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser says as the state continues to promote staycations in Louisiana, it’s a great time to take the family around the state to take in some of the great celebrations.

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Nungesser says Louisiana is more often becoming the place where families congregate for the holiday festivities.

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Nungesser highlights the Nachitoches Chrismas Festival, which is in its 92nd year in 2018, as the one of the state’s staple Christmas celebrations.

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Other events this weekend include Christmas in the Park in Bogalusa, Winter Fete in Alexandria, there’s a Christmas Parade in Jeanerette on Sunday and there’s the always popular Celebration in the Oaks in New Orleans.