AM Newscall 11/1/18

LSU is warning fans to beware of scammers offering to-good-to-be true deals to the biggest game of the year. Matt Doyle has more.

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The American Psychological Association released a report showing members of Generation Z, people ages 15 to 21, have the worst mental health of any generation.  Kevin Barnhart has the story.

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Entergy New Orleans has been slapped with a  five million dollar fine for it’s role in an astroturfing scandal. Matt Doyle has the story.

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The hottest ticket in town is going fast as the Bama/LSU game is officially sold out, with fans only way of getting into the stadium now on the secondary market, buying tickets second hand. LSU’s official ticket reselling partner is StubHub. LSU Ticket Manager Brian Broussard says if you buy through Stubhub and there’s an issue, LSU will find a fix for you.

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Broussard says they saw a lot of fraud before the Georgia game and they fully expect to see quite a bit of it before the biggest game of the year as well. He says if you don’t buy through StubHub, you’re risking a lot of wasted time and money.

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Broussard says whatever you do, do not post your tickets on social media, or take pictures of them and leave those pictures in public areas. He says all it takes is a clean shot of your bar-code and someone could steal your access to the game.

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Game kicks off at 7pm Saturday night.


A new report from the American Psychological Association shows members of Generation Z, people ages 15 to 21, have the worst mental health of any generation.  91% of Gen Z adults say they have felt physical or emotional symptoms, such as depression or anxiety associated with stress.  Licensed Psychologist at LSU Health School of Medicine Dr. Richard Costa says current events are likely contributors to these findings.

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Costa says in addition to what is going on in the news, coming up in a time where families were impacted directly by economic hardships, has contributed to the findings.

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Costa says older generations are less stressed because of perceptions changing with age.

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Entergy New Orleans has been hit with a five million dollar fine by the City Council for having a subcontractor hire actors to support its proposal at city meetings to build a controversial New Orleans East power plant. An independent investigation confirmed Entergy officials were aware, or should have been aware of the “astroturfing”. City Councilwoman Helena Moreno says it’s a historic moment.

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Entergy says they were not aware of the payments which were handled by Crowds on Demand, a contractor paid by the company to build a “grass-roots” base of support for the facility.

Moreno says the subversive scheme to push support for the 210 million dollar plant that was ultimately approved, and will be paid for by New Orleans ratepayers, was a breach of public trust.

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Moreno says the unethical activity will be punished accordingly.

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Entergy will have 30 days to protest the case and argue against the sanctions to the Council.


A Deparment of Public Safety Police officer is out of a job and under arrest.  On Monday, Officer Chandler LeGrange reported his involvement in a pursuit and shots fired by a motorcyclist on Juban Road in Livingston Parish.  LSP Detectives looked into the case and found several inconsistencies with the officer’s report.  LSP spokesperson Lt. Nick Manale…

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Manale says LeGrange was charged with Malfeasance in Office and Filing False Public Records.

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Manale says it’s unclear why LeGrange took the actions he did.

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For LSU to have any chance on Saturday they’ll need to contain Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, who has thrown for 25 touchdowns and zero interceptions. Tagovailoa is also a good runner. Tigers defensive end Rashard Lawrence says they want to keep Tagovailoa from getting out in the open field….

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Alabama’s run-pass option offense is averaging eight yards per play. Lawrence says the Tigers secondary will need to lock down on Alabama’s receivers who are putting up big numbers…

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Lawrence says the defense expects to get a big boost when linebacker Devin White takes the field in the second half after serving his first-half suspension…

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While LSU hosts Alabama, the Ragin Cajuns will be in Alabama to take on the Troy Trojans. Troy won a share of the Sun Belt championship last year and they are 4-0 in league play this year and lead in the conference in run defense. UL Lafayette Coach Billy Napier says Troy has a history of playing good defense…

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The Cajuns are 4-4 overall and 1-3 on the road. Napier says he’s waiting to see his team play a compete game on the road…

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