AM Newscall – 08/03/2018

The US Department of Defense has issued a $10 million award to the LSU’s Stephenson Technologies Corporation in an effort to help protect small businesses from cyberattacks.  Kevin Barnhart has the details.

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If you see a pet or a child locked in a hot car, it’s now legal to break a window open to save them. Matt Doyle has more.

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Football season arrives for the Fighting Tigers of LSU as players report for fall camp today. Matt Doyle reports Coach Ed Orgeron is fired up for the season…

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The US Department of Defense has issued a $10 million award to the LSU’s Stephenson Technologies Corporation in an effort to help protect small businesses from cyberattacks.  This comes after Governor John Bel Edwards issued an executive order in 2017 establishing a Louisiana Cybersecurity Commission to advance the state’s cyber ecosystem.  STC’s President and CEO, Jeff Moulton, says it’s an important topic, because it’s not a matter of if you will be hacked, but when.

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Moulton says the efforts extend far beyond just protecting small businesses that may not have a clear picture of cyber threats.

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Moulton says the ramped up security measures will result in lowered insurance costs for businesses.

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(Another crane has been whooped) Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries agents have cited 52-year-old Gilvin Aucoin of Ville Platte for violating the Endangered Species Act by illegally shooting an endangered whooping crane. Spokesperson of LDWF Adam Einck says agents were notified after a female crane was found in an Evangeline Parish crawfish pond.

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Having distinctive markings and standing up to four to five feet tall, whooping cranes are not hard to miss. Einck says there is no good excuse for shooting this animal.

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Whooping cranes are native to Louisiana and are especially vulnerable to extinction due to their long migrations patterns and small populations. Einck hopes conversation efforts will help whooping cranes find suitable habitat to repopulate on their own.

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Einck says that violating the Endangered Species Act can bring up to a $50,000 fine and a year in jail.

The investigation is still underway.


It is now legal in Louisiana to rescue a pet or a minor from a locked, parked vehicle, by smashing a window to get in. The new law went into effect yesterday, and provides criminal and civil protection for good Samaritans who take action against the illegal activity. Louisiana SPCA spokesperson Alicia Haefele says there’s two things you need to do before breaking that window.

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However, there are some restrictions you need to keep in mind before you bail a baby out of a bad situation. First, Hafele says you need to display some restraint when damaging the vehicle.

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And second, you can’t hurt the dog or minor when trying to save them. That means shooing interested dogs away from the glass before breaking, and making sure you don’t smash a window where the shards could hit a small child. Hafele says, be smart about it.

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The law does not state that it has to be a hot or cold day to take action.


LSU football reports for camp today and expectations are lower than normal. The Tigers are picked finish 5th in the SEC West and ranked 24th in the preseason coaches poll. Not everyone is sold on new offensive coordinator Steve Ensminger, but Coach Ed Orgeron says LSU’s offense set several records when Ensminger called plays in 2016

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Ohio State grad transfer Joe Burrow could be the starting quarterback for the Tigers, even though he just arrived on campus in the summer. Orgeron says Burrow can do a lot of different things

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If LSU can find a quarterback and some playmakers emerge on offense the Tigers could surprise some people this year. Orgeron says he doesn’t want his guys listen to the naysayers…

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