8:30 LRN Newscast August 1

Over 430 new state laws take effect today, one of them will allow you to get married 24 hours after receiving a marriage license. The previous law said eager couples had to wait 72 hours. Carencro Representative Julie Emerson says the change puts Louisiana in line in with what other states do and it still keeps overenthusiastic couples from tying the knot while on an alcoholic bender…
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There are more serious laws going into effect today, like the legislation that makes hazing a felony.

We enter the third month of the 2018 hurricane season today. Three named storms have formed so far. State Climatologist Barry Keim predicts an increase in storms towards by end of this month.
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But as we start August, the tropics are quiet.

Louisiana residents can head to Mississippi starting today as sports wagering is available at two of the state’s casinos. Kevin Barnhart has the story.
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18-year-old Louisiana Tech student Mason Andrews who is attempting to become the youngest pilot to fly solo around the world has already broken one world record during his journey. Andrews has become the youngest pilot to fly solo across the Atlantic. This morning he takes off from France, where he’ll stop in Croatia and then it’s on to Egypt.