PM Newscall July 31

Congressman Mike Johnson says he’s jumping in the race to be the Chairman of the largest caucus of conservatives in Congress.  Jeff Palermo has the story.

Cut 1 (30) “I’m Jeff Palermo”


Louisiana homeowners that received financial assistance from the State’s recovery program will soon receive checks to pay for the entire cost to rebuild their homes flooded in 2016. Matt Doyle spoke with the governor’s spokesperson…

Cut 2 (30) “I’m  Matt Doyle”  


No one in the town of Palmetto in St. Landry Parish is interested in becoming the town’s police chief. The top cop and only police officer in Palmetto, David Krull, is moving and no one qualified to run to replace him. Alderman Guyton Budden says he’s not surprised

Cut 12 (08)   “…not interested.”

Budden says they may see if the St. Landry Parish Sheriff’s office can provide protection for the village that has a population of 170….

Cut 13 (07) “…appoint somebody.” 

Budden says they might also ask the state if they can appoint someone to be the police chief, because none of the current residents of Palmetto are interested….

Cut 14 (06) “…doing that.”