1030AM LRN Newscast July 28

Entergy customers can look to forward to a lower bill this September.  Kevin Barnhart has the story.

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Alexandria is playing host to all nine divisions of the Dixie Girls Softball World Series, which is estimated to bring in over five thousand visitors.  CVB Executive Director, Sherry Ellington says the event comes at a great time of the year for the area.

Cut 11 (09) “restaurants and shopping.”

Five Amite residents are facing federal charges for allegedly torturing a 22-year-old autistic woman, forcing her to eat dog feces and drink her mother’s ashes. LSU Health Science Center New Orleans Forensic Psychiatrist Graham Spruiell says he understands the public is having trouble coming to terms with the depravity of the alleged crime, but says there’s just some people on earth who are relatively mentally stable, and just don’t hold human life in high regard.

Cut 14 (11) “disorder”

A Morning Consult poll shows Governor John Bel Edwards’ approval rating slipped under 50 percent during the brutal legislative sessions between April and June. Edwards’ has generally maintained one of the highest approval ratings for a Democratic governor, but ULM Political Science Professor Dr. Joshua Stockley says with the legislative session in the rear view mirror and the government fully funded for the year, Stockley says don’t be surprised to see those numbers rebound in the coming months.

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