930PM LRN Newscast June 30

Louisiana US Congressman Clay Higgins is introducing legislation that would require imported seafood be held to the same safety standards as American seafood. Higgins says it’s not just about protecting the state and countries’ economic interest, he says allowing tons of uninspected food from countries with lax regulations to end up on American plates could be a public safety issues.

Cut 10 (12) “are tested.”

The bill would increase inspections to 20 percent of all food imported, up from roughly ten percent now, and require that first set of shipments from any new overseas company have 100 percent of its cargo inspected.

The heat that has impacted the state this past week is now expected to continue through the weekend.  State Climatologist Barry Keim says those temps will be much welcomed after the sweltering week experienced in the state.

Cut 13 (08) “…Saturday and Sunday.” 

Those headed to the beach need to be aware of a menace plaguing Gulf waters. Gulf coast beaches, especially those in Florida are dealing with microscopic baby jellyfish known as sea lice. Audubon Aquarium Curator James Arnold, says those who suffer from the stings aren’t out of luck as there is a tried and true remedy…

Cut 7 (09)  “…vinegar on it”

The NBA free agency period starts this Sunday at 12:01AM, and after one of the best years in franchise history, the Pelicans have a lot of big decisions to make. Locked On Pelicans Publisher Jake Madison says the team is making a push to bring back Rajon Rondo, whose leadership and ball handling allowed the team to get a career year out of Jrue Holliday. He says if the price is right, he’ll be back in Red, Blue, and Gold

Cut 4  (12) “his career”