12:30 LRN Newscast May 31st

The House and the Senate disagree on how much revenue a sales tax bill should produce. Both versions would set the state sales tax at 4.3 percent, but the Senate version would remove several sales tax exemptions that currently benefit businesses. Lafayette Senator Gerald Boudreaux says he’s interested in producing enough revenue to avoid budget cuts…
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If the House and Senate can’t come together on a revenue generating measure, another special session will be needed after the current one expires June 4th.

Governor John Bel Edwards is busy signing bills from the regular session, including a new law that restores the voting rights for thousands of convicted felons…
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This new laws says if you’ve been out of prison for five years, but still on probation or parole, you can now vote.

Authorities one person was killed two others injured in a major crash involving an 18-wheeler on Interstate 10 west of Scott. I-10 eastbound is closed in the area.

Even though Corvallis is 24-hundred miles away from Baton Rouge, expect to see LSU fans at this weekend’s regional. Jeff Palermo has the story…
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