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Today has been named Small business Saturday by the National Federation of Independent Business

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In the US Senate runoff race race, Mary Landrieu says she wants Congressman Bill Cassidy to bring pay records for the past 63 months to Monday night’s debate to explain “serious allegations” in some work he did with the LSU Health System. Landrieu alleges fraud and double-dipping in his pay. The the state-wide debate is Monday night at 7pm.

Today is the final day of early voting for the December 6th election. Secretary of State Tom Schedler says, during the first four days, turnout was very strong…
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He estimates a 40% voter turnout.

The Christmas trees are out in the lots, and people are out and about to find the perfect one. If you’re looking to get a really fresh tree, Kevin Steele. Louisiana Director of the Southern Christmas Tree Association says there is an ample supply here in Louisiana…
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Steele owns and operates a choose-and-cut Christmas Tree farm in Washington Parish.