LRN 8:30 A.M. Newscast 02/27/2018

Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries are struggling to remain a self-sufficient agency.  Jeff Palermo has more on a possible restructuring of their licensing program…

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A parent group at Bowling Green School, a K-12 in Franklinton is using a gun raffle that includes two AR-15s to raise money for a program to keep seniors safe on graduation night.
30 guns in total will be given away, and H&H Gun Shop owner Brent Hoggatt, who’s helping put on the raffle, says the raffle will raise a substantial amount of money, which will be given back to the students.

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For the first time in 14 years, a new chairman is at the helm of the Louisiana Republican Party.  Louis Gurvich was elected Saturday in a first round victory winning 97 of the 177 votes.  One of the first things Gurvich will begin working on is to find a Republican opponent to run against Democrat Governor John Bel Edwards in 2019.

Gurvich is stepping into a controversy surrounding Republican Secretary of State Tom Schelder.  Gurvis says it’s sad that the suit has to become a part of the political game…

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There has been an increase in the amount of organ donations from opioid addicts.  In Louisiana, there has been a 40 percent increase in the last two years.   Louisiana Organ Procurement Association spokesperson Kirsten Heintz says the opioid crisis is now colliding with another health crisis.

There is a concern among some that getting an organ from an opioid addicted person, that the medicine would be transferred to the person obtaining the donation.

There are nearly 21-hundred recipients on the list who need a donation in Louisiana.  Heintz says it’s not enough…

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