17:30 Legislative Report February 26

A slew of last minute amendments added to some revenue generating bills in the House Ways and Means Committee has bogged down the special session. Shreveport Representative Alan Seabaugh tacked a number of changes that did not go well with Democrat Marcus Hunter. Hunter says the amendments are so in-digestible that this group of legislators might as well just go home.

Cut 9 (09) “in June.”

House Speaker Taylor Barras says he spoke with members of the legislative black caucus this morning to attempt to resolve some of the issues. So far all members are looking for answers from the fourth floor.

Cut 11 (11) “the administration.”

The House has recessed until Wednesday.

Baton Rouge Senator Dan Claitor is proposing a bill that would fine wreckless drivers for creating potentially dangerous wakes while driving through flooded areas. The bill would add a new specification to existing law that would fine drivers up to 500 dollars, with potential for 90 days in jail. Claitor says the legislation was inspired by flood horror stories from his constituents.

Cut 4  (12) “those folks” 

If the bill passes, Claitor says you’ll be able to report wreckless flood zone drivers to the authorities.

Cut 6 (06)  “the DA”

The bill would also extend these laws to watercraft used during flood situations.