17:30 LRN Newscast December 29

Offense Coordinator Matt Canada tells reporters he hopes to be back next season with the LSU Tigers. Jeff Palermo has the story…
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St. James authorities have arrested a second person in the beating of two black teenagers at a Christmas Eve bonfire in Gramercy. 25-year-old Grady Gieger of Prairieville was charged with second-degree battery. Authorities expect a third arrest, but still don’t believe it was racially motivated.

Temperatures could fall into the teens in North Louisiana as we ring in the New Year, and the bottom half of the state won’t be spared either. Freddie Zeigler with the National Weather Service in Slidell says temps will drop well below freezing in South Louisiana next week..:
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He says bring any pets inside and wrap outdoor exposed pipes to protect them from freezing.

Slidell Police arrest a 67-year-old man who was allegedly acting as middle man to a Nigerian Prince as part of an email scam operation. Lt. Daniel Seuzeneau says they believe Michael Neu was acting alone, at least in southeast Louisiana…
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Authorities say Neu participated in hundreds of financial scams over the internet and phone and wired the money back to co-conspirators in Nigeria.