12:30 Newscast, November 30th, 2017

Baton Rouge Police say two people who were allegedly robbed at gunpoint outside the Radio Bar last night, ended up killing the suspect with their vehicle. Sgt. L’Jean McKneely says the victims were trying to get away when they struck the man, and the case is fairly cut and dry…:
Cut 5 (07) “armed robber”
The suspect has not yet been identified.

Teachers in the state now have access to free classroom material online. The Louisiana Federation of Teachers’ “Share My Lesson” is a website educators can use to enrich their skills. LFT Spokesman Les Landon…:
Cut 9 (13) “the country”
The site is at la-dot-aft-dot-org.

A report from Prevent Child Abuse Louisiana finds 54-percent of children in the Bayou State have experienced traumatic or stressful occurrences in their life, compared to 46-percent nationwide. Executive Director Amanda Brunson says it’s a concern because adverse childhood experiences are traumatic or stressful occurrences that can lead to serious consequences with child development…:
Cut 12 (11) “health behaviors”
She says this is a call to watch out for kids that are in your circle.

Jefferson Parish firefighters pulled a father and son from an overnight blaze in Metairie. Investigators say the victims were aged 82 and 56.