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Although southwest Louisiana was spared much of Harvey’s destruction, Congressman Clay Higgins says his district is still feeling the impact of the storm. Michelle Southern has more…

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Governor John Bel Edwards says Louisiana is sheltering hundreds of evacuees from Texas, and preparing for thousands more. Emelie Gunn reports…:

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State Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon is pushing the importance of flood insurance, especially after the severe flood damage left by Harvey. Donelon says the sad thing is, it usually takes a horrific storm like the one that caused the August floods last year, for homeowners to take action and protect their homes.

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The number of properties now insured for floods in Baton Rouge and Lafayette is now at 23-percent, up from 12. Donelon says these super storms will certainly send a strong message to homeowners.

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Donelon says a significant amount of claims made in Louisiana with the National Flood Insurance Program have been filed in areas that do not see flooding on a regular basis. He when Congress reconvenes next month, he will fight for significant changes to the National Flood Insurance Program.

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Congressman Clay Higgins of Louisiana’s 3rd District says his constituents continue to feel the impacts of Harvey, as residents are taking part in rescue and shelter operations. Although much of Acadiana was spared the destruction seen in Texas, Higgins says it’s all hands on deck in south Louisiana.

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Higgins says many of those rescued are being sheltered in the third district. He says thousands of Louisianans have volunteered their time and donated supplies to help Texas disaster victims.

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Higgins says the people of south Louisiana are quite adept at dealing with disasters. He says those skills are being put to good use in shelters across the state and as rescue efforts continue in Texas, where flood waters will remain for some time.

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The state Department of Agriculture and Forestry has deployed their mobile pet shelter in Lake Charles to assist with Harvey evacuations. Commissioner Mike Strain says they will do whatever they can to ensure pets are safe, while their owners are coping with the disaster. He says currently they have 86 pets in their care.

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The department has 100 kennels in Lake Charles and is providing an additional 200 soft sided carriers for pets traveling by bus. Strain says they are preparing for an additional 500 pets in Alexandria as thousands of evacuees are headed to the mega shelter. He says they welcome donations of dog food and cat food.

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Governor John Bel Edwards said today that 1,120 people sheltered in Louisiana last night due to displacement from Harvey, and 876 were Texans. He says currently there are a thousand Louisiana national guardsmen who are assisting in search and rescue operations…:

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Edwards says the state is planning to take in at least an additional 3,000 people from Texas today, to bring to shelters in Lake Charles, Alexandria and Shreveport. He says the state Department of Wildlife and Fisheries has rescued about 1,300 people in Texas, and 150 pets. As far as impacts to Louisiana, there are roads that are impacted along the Sabine…:

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Edwards says he is asking the people of Louisiana to continue to prepare and remember that we are still in hurricane season. He says right now they are watching Category 2 Hurricane Irma in the Atlantic…:

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Calcasieu Parish Sheriff Tony Mancuso has called for a voluntary evacuation of the western part of the parish. This includes the areas from Highway 109 west to the Sabine River and north from I-10 to the Calcasieu Parish Line. Tom Hoefer with the Parish Police Jury says the Sabine River has flooded before and they’re fearful it could happen again as the river is extremely swollen.

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Hoefer says fewer than one thousand homes and camps are included in the voluntary evacuation. He says residents in the area have plenty of time to get out of their homes.

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