18:30 Newscast August 29

The Cajun Navy is working hard to assist Texas authorities with ongoing search and rescues. Governor John Bel Edwards says Louisiana was in the same position last year, and we all understand the importance of the Cajun navy and appreciate their help.

Cut 12 (08) “being there”

While volunteers work to rescue people in Texas, the North Louisiana Red Cross is giving them a place to stay once they are safe. Executive Director Michelle Davidson says the shelter at Morning Star Baptist Church will house up to 250 individuals.

Cut 13 (12) “as well”

Tropical Storm Harvey is expected to make a second landfall tomorrow in Cameron Parish. State climatologist Barry Keim says that means more rain is in the forecast for the Bayou State because the system is still moving very slowly.

Cut 8 (12) “45 inches”

Utility companies are gearing up to deal with potential power outages from the storm. Cleco spokesperson Jennifer Cahill says downed powerlines could be a problem. She reminds customers to stay safe and beware of rising waters.

Cut 16 (11) “flooded areas”