16:30 LRN Newscast August 29

Twelve years ago today Hurricane Katrina made landfall in Louisiana, and many Texans face a similar catastrophe today. Jeff Palermo has more…
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Tropical Storm Harvey is expected to make landfall in southwest Louisiana tomorrow morning. Utitlity companies are ready to respond to power outages. Cleco spokesperson Jennifer Cahill….
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The Louisiana National Guard has assisted in rescues in southwestern parishes, and more soldiers have been activated. Col. Ed Bush…:
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They are issuing MREs, bottles of water and sandbags.

Hundreds of Louisiana volunteers, who make up the Cajun Navy, are assisting first responders conduct search and rescue efforts in Texas. Governor John Bel Edwards says the state is working with the Cajun Navy to coordinate efforts. He says they are not regulating the volunteer citizens, but want to ensure rescuers are organized with Texas authorities.
Cut 10 (08) “not Texas”
He says the biggest concern for the volunteers on their personal boats is fuel, so the state is helping with that effort when they arrive at the Texas border, they can get gasoline from a department of agriculture truck.