17:30 LRN Newscast July 31

A new law takes effect tomorrow that seeks to curb the litter problem in Louisiana. It lowers the fine for littering from $1,000 to $900. Fines for littering were doubled in 2015, which triggered jury trial provisions that made enforcement less likely….:
Cut 3 (11) “throwing them out”
That’s Executive Director of Keep Louisiana Beautiful, Susan Russell, who says the new law doubles the amount of community service time for a new offender.

Other laws set to go into effect tomorrow…Children can bring sunscreen to school without a doctor’s note. An unmarried minor seeking an abortion will not only need a notarized note from their guardian, but proof of identity as well. And portions of Governor John Bel Edwards’ criminal justice reform package takes effect.

Slidell Police say a domestic disturbance lead to a fatal stabbing Sunday evening. Michelle Southern reports…:
Voicer 2 (30) “I’m Michelle Southern”

The U.S Environmental Protection Agency has proposed adding an old timber treatment site called American Creosote Deridder to the Superfund list. Louisiana DEQ spokesman Greg Langley says once this Beauregard Parish location is now in line to receive federal funding towards cleanup:
Cut 6 (08) “water too”
The state currently has 27 other Superfund sites.