18:30 LRN Newscast may 31st

After five hours of heated debate, a Senate committee rejected two proposals aimed at protecting confederate monuments. One of the measures would require a public vote to remove military monuments, while the other requires legislative approval. The proposals faced steep opposition from black lawmakers, including New Orleans Senator Troy Carter, who notes there are no statues celebrating Adolph Hitler.
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The four black Senators on the panel all voted against the pro confederate monument bills, killing them for the session.

Governor John Bel Edwards is calling for a special session next week that would only take place, if lawmakers are unable to approve a spending plan for next fiscal year. A measure to finance construction projects has also been stuck on the House floor. The governor says the special session would start 30 minutes after the regular session ends on June 8th.

A measure to change the name of the Louisiana School of Math, Science and Arts to the Jimmy D. Long Louisiana School of Math, Science and Arts passed on a 5 to 2 vote in the House Education Committee. Delhi Senator Francis Thompson says his bill by no means diminishes the contributions of the great men and women that have graduated from LSMSA.
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President of the LSMSA School Alumni Association Jamie Smith says this bill was filed out of emotion after the untimely death of former state representative Jimmy Long who helped create the school in the early 1980s. He says there are other ways to honor the remarkable man, like naming a new dorm after him.
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The bill heads to the House floor for final legislative passage.