PM Newscall October 21, 2014

The number of Louisiana Public Schools earning a state performance grade of an A has gone up from 187 to 241 this year, according to the Department of Education. Eric Gill reports…

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Early voting began this morning and many Louisianians were in line at the 8:30am opening. Michelle Southern reports.

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Officials say a third man involved in the 2010 murder of Rayville Police Sergeant Thomas Alexander has pleaded guilty to his involvement in the case. Alexander was killed while responding to a burglary at a home in Richland Parish. District Attorney Mack Lancaster says they are happy to get a third plea in this case…

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Anthony Oatis entered a guilty plea to a manslaughter charge and was sentenced to 21 years in prison. Previously, Richard Long pleaded guilty to first-degree murder and Robert Walker pleaded guilty to second-degree murder. Both are serving life sentences. Lancaster says it’s difficult to get pleas in these kind of cases…

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He commends the work of law enforcement to collect evidence that lead to guilty pleas of all three men. Lancaster says this crime still sticks with the people of Rayville because of Deputy Alexander’s willingness to go out of his way to help others. He says this burglary happened outside of Rayville and Alexander was a town deputy…

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The number of Louisiana Public Schools earning a state performance grade of an A has gone up from 187 to 241 this year, according to the Department of Education. Education officials released the reports earlier today. Superintendent John White says numbers are up because schools are responding to what they have been asked to achieve…

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School performance scores are primarily based on student test scores. This year’s school report card also shows 10 Louisiana school districts earning an A and no school districts in the state receiving an F grade. White says high schools are performing better across the state…

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1335 schools were included in this report. White says this year’s scores come as the department raises the bar for public schools across the state…

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Early voting is underway as of today and people started lining up at the 8:30am opening to cast their ballot for the November 4th election. The Secretary of State’s Office is calling this the biggest election Louisiana has had in decades and these voters we spoke with today told us why they prefer to early vote…:

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Secretary of State Tom Schedler says statewide, there are over 2400 positions and issues on the ballot and over 4400 candidates. These voters we spoke with say the big one for them is the US-Senate race…:

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To find out where you can early vote log on to or download the Geaux Vote app. Schedler is encouragining voters to bring a sample ballot with you to the polls so the lines can move faster. This woman we spoke with told us she was ready with what her husband gave her…:

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A freshman ULM basketball player is under arrest for allegedly raping a female student he’d arranged to meet online. University spokeswoman Donna Bernard says the alleged incident occurred Sunday night after they were told 18-year-old Roderick Taylor talked to the female student on a social media site…:

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Bernard says the alleged victim filed a report with the ULM Police Department the next morning…:

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Bernard says ULM Athletic Director Brian Wickstrom made an announcement about Bernard’s status on the team following the arrest…:

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