17:30 LRN Newscast May 31st ###Legislative Report###

A bill to ensure that all TOPS recipients get part of their award is heading to the Governor’s desk. Halen Doughty has more…
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Also getting final passage is a bill that would triple the fines for texting and driving. This measure increases the fine to 500-dollars and up to one-thousand dollars for a second offense. The bill that requires cursive writing to be taught in public schools is also heading to the governor’s desk for his signature.

State Transportation Secretary Shawn Wilson told a House committee that Louisiana may need to consider tolls as way to pay for major highway construction projects. He says the state cannot rely on federal money to cover the costs for big ticket items…:
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The state is facing a 13-billion dollar backlog on bridge and road repairs.

A new poll from Southern Media and Opinion Research finds that 57-percent of Louisiana voters surveyed are opposed to raising more taxes. The survey also found 63-percent beleive there is too much spending in state government. Pollster Bernie Pinsonat says based on these results GOP lawmakers could hesitat to raise taxes in the June special session…
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