15:30 Newscast May 31,2016

State Police says the number of traffic fatalities has gone up substantially from last year over the Memorial Day Weekend. Trooper Jesse LaGrange says they investigated 9 fatal wrecks, which resulted in 14 deaths.He says there was a mixture of factors that led to the fatal crashes.
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LaGrange says more than 100 suspected drunk drivers were arrested over the long weekend.

The measure that would make sure all TOPS scholarship recipients get at least part of their award has received final legislative passage. Jennings Senator Blade Morrish says the bill will only go into effect if the legislature cannot fully fund the program, which is a real possibility. Morrish says right now, the program is likely funded as much as it can be.
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State Transportation Secretary Shawn Wilson says the state might need to consider tolls as way to pay for major highway construction projects. Wilson spoke during a meeting of the House Transportation Committee as they were talking about a resolution that directs the state transportation department to conduct a study on feasibility of tolling highways and bridges. During the discussion, Wilson says tolls will only work on roads with heavy volume.
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LSU’s Mike VI has begun his first step in treatment by getting a CT scan to take images of his cancerous tumor. Ginger Guttner with the LSU Vet School says this scan will help Mike’s doctors figure out how many radiation treatment sessions are needed.
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