LRN AM Newscall April 29th ###Corrected Version###

A Vermilion parish teacher is behind bars for three counts of rape. Emelie Gunn has more…

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Governor John Bel Edwards says priority number one for him right now is stabilizing the budget, because we must focus on moving Louisiana forward. Jeff Palermo has the story…:

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According to a poll paid for by the Louisiana Cannabis Association, 72-percent of Louisiana voters are in favor of legalizing medical marijuana as a treatment for more diseases. Halen Doughty has more…

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A Vermilion parish teacher is facing rape charges. Lt. David Hardy with the Abbeville Police Department says James Harber has been charged with two counts of second-degree rape and one count of first-degree rape. He says a search of Harber’s home indicates that more charges could be coming.

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Police have shared their evidence with the Sheriff’s Office as well as the US Attorney’s office, in the hopes that they would seek an indictment. Hardy says child pornography was found on Harber’s home computer. He says they learned of the rape charges after interviewing the victims that were in the explicit pictures on Harber’s computer.

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A Lafayette TV station reports that Harber was a 7th grade teacher a J.H. Williams Middle School. Hardy says it is not clear if the victims attended the school where Harber taught, but he did know his victims.

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Governor John Bel Edwards says priority number one for him right now is stabilizing the budget, because we must focus on moving Louisiana forward. He says the vision that he put forth when he was running for governor has not changed, but they have to work on filling the $600 million dollar gap for next fiscal year…:

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Edwards says there are many policy related issues that are going to be on the back burner until we can deal with the present crisis…:

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Edwards says he remains very optimistic about his administration and the state as a whole. He says he doesn’t see any way they could avoid a second special session, but before he makes the call he’s going to wait for recommendations from a panel assigned to review the state budget…:

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A poll paid for by the Louisiana Cannabis Association finds that 72-percent of Louisiana voters support legalizing medical marijuana as a treatment for more diseases. Jesse McCormick is glad to see a majority of voters support the use of medical cannabis to help relieve pain for people who suffer from different diseases, like cancer and HIV

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McCormick says 24 other states have already legalized medical cannabis. He says a majority of respondents are also in favor of taxing the prescription drug.

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The telephone survey was conducted by Louisiana polling firm JMC Analytics and Polling. They surveyed six-hundred registered voters. McCormick says he understands that plenty of people will always oppose the legalization, but he hopes that this poll encourages more lawmakers to vote in favor of the legalization.

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Legislators have been conflicted on whether or not to expand the list of diseases for which medical cannabis can be prescribed.


The House has approved two more pro-life measures. One of the bills, authored by Baton Rouge Representative Rick Edmonds, prohibits women from getting abortions just because a child will have a genetic disorder. Edmonds says his son was born with a disorder, and if he’d taken medical advice, he wouldn’t have his grandchildren today.

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Edmonds says life is hard, and women shouldn’t be able to abort their babies just because it would be easier.

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Edmond’s bill passed 75-1. Another proposal by Bossier City Representative Mike Johnson would outlaw a procedure commonly used in second trimester abortions. Johnson calls these “dismemberment” abortions and says every year more than a thousand unborn children are aborted through this “barbaric” process.

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Johnson’s bill was approved unanimously. Opponents of the measure say outlawing this procedure would force women to undergo invasive, unnecessary procedures or lose access to abortion services entirely. Both measure now head to the Senate.


Tonight is rounds two and three of the NFL draft, and several former LSU Tigers are expected to be selected. NFL draft analyst Mike Detillier believes linebacker Deion Jones will go early in round two.

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Detillier also believes defensive back Jalen Mills will go in the second round, as well.

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Detillier also believes four year starter Vadal Alexander will be a third round pick and could be a productive offensive guard in the NFL.

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