16:30 Newscast, April 28th, 2016

The man who allegedly shot former Saints player Will Smith has been indicted on charges of murder and attempted murder. Cardell Hayes pleaded not guilty and his bond is 1.75 million dollars. His attorney said in court today that the prosecution is trying to jam an indictment down. Legal analyst Tim Meche says the DA is just going through the procedure according to the law….:
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Hayes was also indicted on charges of aggravated assault and aggravated damage to property to go along with the murder and attempted murder charge.

A measure that would prevent businesses from firing a person based on their sexual orientation was approved by a Senate committee today. But Lake Charles Senator Ronnie Johns voted against the proposal. He says it could pose problems for business owners…:
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Governor John Bel Edwards says he never said he planned to take vouchers from students who currently have them, as pro voucher groups claim. He says many areas of the state have to take cuts in order to fill a shortfall. Baton Rouge mother Pamela Gauthier says her son Joseph has Down syndrome and struggled in public school because teachers didn’t have adequate resources. But she says thanks to the voucher program, Joseph is now excelling at a private school…:
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Edwards is not happy about special interests falsely calling him a liar.

A measure that would prohibit commonly used second trimester abortions received support from the full House today. The bill’s author claims the procedure is a “dismemberment abortion” and should not be allowed because of its torturous nature. Opponents say that description is misleading. The vote was 83-0 and now heads to the Senate.