LRN Newscast 15:30 09-04-14

A judge in New Orleans says BP’s reckless conduct is what caused millions of gallons of oil to gush into the Gulf of Mexico in 2010. Eric Smith is the Associate Director of the Tulane Energy Institute. He says this ruling means the bill BP would have to pay for the disaster quadruples under the Clean Water Act…:
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And that’s about 18 billion dollars.

This morning, a man who was upset about being fired from Wal-Mart in Sulphur has been arrested for ramming his vehicle into the store. Sulphur Police say the unidentified man allegedly drove around the parking lot, crashed into the front door, and then ran inside to make verbal threats against several employees. A handful of people had minor injuries.


A man who set up a scholarship fund to honor a Slidell woman who died in the car crash is accused of stealing money from the account…

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There’s a new study out Forbes that is listing the Houma Thibodaux area number 8 of America’s fastest growing small cities, with high job, income and population growth combined with a low unemployment…

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That’s story contributor Joel Kotkin.