LRN Newscast 14:30 09-04-14

A New Orleans judge ruling says BP’s reckless conduct is what caused the huge Gulf oil spill in 2010. Eric Smith is the Associate Director of the Tulane Energy Institute, and he says that’s big bucks that BP is on the hook for, which means its fairly certain they will appeal…

CUT 8 (13) Q: “18 billion dollars”

He says the fine is based on the number of barrels spilled.


A total of 21 sex offenders in Calcasieu Parish have been have been arrested for using social media sites, which is a violation of state law. Louisiana State Police Sgt. James Anderson says those arrests in “Operation Off Limits” are only the beginning…

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A man who set up a scholarship fund to honor a Slidell college student that was killed in a car crash, has been arrested for allegedly stealing money from the account to honor 19 year-old Hayley Howard from Slidell. St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office Captain George Bonnett says 29 year-old Jonathan Holcomb stole quite a bit…

CUT 4 (11) Q: “personal bank account”

Holcomb has been charged with felony theft.
According to new a study compiled by Forbes Magazine, the Houma-Thibodaux area ranks No. 8 among America’s fastest-growing small cities.

CUT 12 (13) “energy related towns”

That’s Forbes Story contributor Joel Kotkin.