11:30 Newscast August 28, 2014

Officials in St. John the Baptist Parish are increasing the chlorine levels in their water system after test results confirmed the presence of a deadly brain-eating amoeba. This brain-eating amoeba was previously detected in St. Bernard and DeSoto parishes and its killed three people in Louisiana since 2011, and in all three cases, it was from tap water getting up the victims’ nose. State health officer, Doctor Jimmy Guidry, says Louisiana is the only state in the nation that’s conducting tests for amoebas….

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Officials add the water is safe to drink and to cook with, but the public should avoid tap water going up their nose.

Lt. Governor Jay Dardenne is encouraged for tourism in 2014 following last year’s record setting year. He says his office will continue to work on enticing people to come visit the Bayou State. Dardenne says an upcoming article in the next issue of National Geographic Traveler magazine will help…

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Over 27 million people visited Louisiana last year.

Troubling allegations are coming out about a Baton Rouge TV personality who was fatally shot yesterday allegedly by his producer who then turned the gun on himself. The news of Scott Rogers’ death shocked people who admired him. But this morning on The Jim Engster Show, nameless victims came forward and claimed Rogers had been physically and sexually abusing them since they were children…

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A second victim claimed he contacted federal authorities to tell his story when he learned Rogers adopted two young children. The alleged gunman is in critical condition.

A US District Judge is hearing arguments today from an abortion rights organization requesting a temporary restraining order to keep state officials from enforcing a law they say would close Louisiana’s abortion clinics. The legislation, set to go into effect Monday, would require abortion doctors to obtain admitting privileges at nearby hospitals.