13:30 Newscast August 26, 2014

According to the personal finance magazine Kiplinger, Louisiana is the third most tax friendly state in the nation. Senior Associate Editor Sandy Block says their rankings were based on rates for income, sales and gas taxes. She says they have a tax map tool on their website to help people make the most financially sound decision when considering a move to another state…

cut 5 (06) “and local taxes”

You can view the map at kiplinger-dot-com.

A disorganized area of thunderstorms in the northern Gulf of Mexico has the attention of the National Hurricane Center. Donald Jones, with the National Weather Service in Lake Charles, says the weak cluster of thunderstorm activity is associated with a weak frontal boundary..

cut 9 (11) “minimal”

But Jones says the cluster will produce showers and thunderstorms for areas in south Louisiana.

The Houma Police Department is the latest law enforcement agency in Louisiana that will use body cameras. Chief Todd Duplantis says the Terrebonne Parish Council has purchased 84 cameras that will be equipped to an officers’ uniform. Duplantis says with the body cameras, any interaction between a police officer and the public will be videoed, which should lead to a reduction in citizen and use of force complaints…

cut 7 (08) “what happened”

Duplantis says the video will also help prosecutors when a criminal case goes before a judge or jury.

According to the Department of Children and Family Services the state has collected over two-million dollars in delinquent child support payments through confiscated casino winnings. The child support casino intercept program began in September 2011 and has collected unpaid child support payments from over fifteen hundred non-custodial parents at 19 state licensed casinos.