LRN AM Newscall for July 10

The Louisiana Department of Education announced a 10-percent improvement in reading scores on the state’s first universal literacy screener for K-3 students. Sean Richardson has more…

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After her four-year-old son was found dead behind a Welcome Center in Vinton, and her one-year-old alive in a ditch along Interstate 10, a Lake Charles woman has been arrested in Mississippi. Brooke Thorington has more.

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Colorado State University has updated its 2024 Atlantic Hurricane Season Outlook; now they’re calling for an even busier season. Mel Bridges has the details.

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Louisiana K-3 public school students showed improvement in reading scores on the state’s first universal literacy screener. The results show significant gains, particularly in K-1st grade. Deputy Superintendent Dr. Jenna Chaisson…

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The screener assesses reading abilities to identify areas needing improvement and progress with literacy screeners throughout the school year.

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The overall improvement reflects the effectiveness of the state’s literacy plan, which includes phonics instruction and teacher training. Chaisson emphasized the need for continued efforts to ensure all students reach grade-level reading proficiency.

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The areas with a decline in scores are attributed to pandemic-related disruptions, including closures of early care centers and potential impacts from mask-wearing on speech development.


A recent nationwide survey of small business owners finds inflation remains the top problem for Main Street, but the optimism is at the highest point since December 2023. NFIB’s Todd Pack says their Small Business Optimism Index is up to 91.5 but that’s not all that optimistic…

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The survey found 21% of owners reporting inflation as the most important problem for their businesses. Pack says inflation is tricky for small businesses to navigate because though inflation isn’t rising as fast as it did a few months ago, it’s still increasing…

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Another issue the survey found was hiring. Even though 22% of small business owners plan to raise compensation in the next three months, Pack says many small businesses had serious trouble filling job openings, especially construction, transportation and retail.

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Twenty-five-year-old Aaliyah (Ah-lee-ha) Jack of Lake Charles was arrested in Mississippi after the body of her four-year-old son was found Monday in a body of water behind the Vinton Welcome Center. Calcasieu Parish Sheriff Stitch Guillory says but miraculously her one-year-old child was found alive about six miles away in a ditch. He says an autopsy will be performed on the four-year-old.

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Jack is charged with failure to report a missing child and is being held on a $300,000 bond. Guillory says detectives will interview Jack in Meridian, Mississippi and a motive has not been released.

Family members told authorities the children were last seen on Saturday and investigators believe the children were abandoned on Sunday. Guillory says this means the infant survived on his own for two days.

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When news that a child’s body was found Monday at the Welcome Center on the Texas-Louisiana state line, Guillory says they received a call from a relative who believed the child could be Jack’s son. They also told investigators about the infant, so they returned to search for the one-year-old.

Miraculously Tuesday morning Guillory says a truck driver spotted the infant.

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Guillory says the infant was taken to the hospital and appears to be ok and is in the custody of the Department of Children and Family Services.


Colorado State University has updated its 2024 Atlantic Hurricane Season Outlook to predict an even busier season. They’re now calling for 25 named storms, 12 hurricanes, and six major hurricanes. Nick Mesa (may-sa) with the Colorado State Hurricane Forecast Team says the above-average season is due to two factors…

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So far, we’ve seen three named storms, one of which was a major hurricane. In fact, Mesa says Beryl, which turned into a major hurricane faster than any other storm, harkens back to Hurricane Emily in 2005 because in both cases…

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Mesa stresses that these numbers are a prediction, not a guarantee of how many storms we’ll see this year. Still, he says, this outlook should encourage residents, especially coastal residents…

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The Pelicans have officially introduced point guard Dejounte Murray after they got him from the Atlanta Hawks in exchange for five players and two future first-round picks. Murray says he’s excited to help better a team that he believes is on the up-and-up

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Murray was one of only two players in the league to finish last season with at least 1,500 points, 500 assists, and 100 steals, the other being MVP Nikola Jokic. Murray says he feels at home with the Pelicans because he believes everyone on the team matches that level of competitiveness.

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Head Coach Willie Green says he’s always admired Murray’s performance on- and off-court. He believes Murray has a role to play for the Pels as a point guard and as a mentor, and he says what Murray brings is good for the team’s play, conduct, and bond.

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In exchange for Murray, the Pelicans gave Atlanta Dyson Daniels, E.J. Liddell, Larry Nance Jr., Cody Zeller, and two future first-round picks.