17:30 LRN Newscast

Republican Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy had some strong words about President Biden’s health and rumored cognitive issues after his dismal performance in the June 27th Debate. Cassidy says it’s best for the country if Biden isn’t re-elected.
Cut 13 (13) “…absurd.”
But New Orleans Democratic Congressman Troy Carter says the American people should look at 3.5 years of the Biden Administration, no just one bad night.
Cut 5 (11) “…promises kept
Carter says the President was strong, clear and energized when speaking in a Zoom with Congressional Democrats yesterday.

In an effort to reduce crashes on the I-10 Atchafalaya Basin Bridge, DOTD has installed “Your speed’ feedback signs to alert motorists who are driving over the 60-mile per hour speed limit…
cut 12 (06) “…Basin Bridge”
That’s DOTD spokesperson Rodney Mallett, who says they’ve raised the speed limit for trucks to 60 miles per hour to match the speed limit for cars. He says it’s safer if everyone is driving the same speed limit.

Tropical Storm Beryl spawned numerous tornadoes as it moved past northwestern Louisiana yesterday. Mark Pierce with the Desoto Parish Sheriff’s office says at one time yesterday he was monitoring four twisters moving through the parish…
cut 9 (12) “…Mansfield”
Pierce says the worst damage occurred south of Mansfield in the town of Lula.