LRN PM Newscall July 9

Louisiana’s only Democrat in Congress, Troy Carter, says despite the bad performance in the debate, he still supports President Biden’s re-election bid.  Sean Richardson has more.

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Louisiana Republican Senator Bill Cassidy believes calls for President Biden to step aside as the Democratic nominee and even step down from office should be heard. Brooke Thorington has more.

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After a disappointing first debate, several Democrats have called for President Joe Biden to step aside for the November presidential election. But Louisiana’s only Democratic Congressman, Troy Carter, says even though the President had a bad night but that doesn’t mean he’s not fit for office…

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The President sent a letter to Congressional Democrats telling them he’s firmly committed to staying in the race and beating Donald Trump.

Carter and other Democrats participated in a Zoom call with Biden on Monday night. Carter says the President was strong, clear and energized when speaking.

Carter says the President had a bad night, but Trump has had bad days too.

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Carter says the American people should look at 3.5 years of the Biden Administration, no just one night.

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The second presidential debate is scheduled for September 10th.


Tropical Storm Beryl claimed the life of a 31-year-old Benton woman Monday after a tree fell on her home. Bossier Parish Sheriff’s Office Lt. Matt Gaydos (gay-dess) says the damage included downed trees on powerlines, roads, and other structures. The fatality happened in northeast Benton.

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No other details were released about the fatality.

Gaydos says Bossier Parish took the brunt of Beryl in Louisiana and says there are about 55-hundred homes without power as of this afternoon. He says crews are working to clear roads and restore power. Gaydos says deputies responded to 72 calls during the storm.

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No roads are closed in Bossier Parish, but Gaydos says many are single-lane traffic. They are urging people not to go sightseeing to avoid any future accidents or to hinder crews working. For power restoration times customers should contact SWEPCO

In Desoto Parish, Mark Pierce with the DeSoto Parish Sheriff’s office says they also received storm damage from Beryl. He says there was notable damage in the Lula community where Beulah Baptist Church appears to be destroyed and damage to several homes.

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Pierce says at one time yesterday he was monitoring four twisters moving through the parish…

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While the number of tornadoes has yet to be confirmed by the National Weather Service, Pierce says they had as many as four being active at the same time Monday.


The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (DOTD) announced new measures to improve safety on the Atchafalaya Basin Bridge. This includes the installation of new speed limit signs and “your speed” feedback signs. DOTD Spokesperson Rodney Mallett…

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The speed limit will be 60 mph for all vehicles, replacing the previous limits of 55 mph for trucks with trucks still restricted to the right lane.

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The installation of “your speed” feedback signs to alert speeding drivers and warn them to slow down when traveling too fast aim to reduce fatal and injury crashes that often keep the basin bridge closed for hours at a time.

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DOTD will closely monitor speed, crash and incident-related date to determine the effectiveness of the speed limit and feedback signs.

2021 saw the highest number of incidents on the Basin Bridge with 278 crashes, 91 injuries and 2 fatalities.


Republican Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy had some strong words about President Biden’s health and rumored cognitive issues after his dismal performance in the June 27th debate. Cassidy says it’s best for the country if Biden isn’t re-elected.

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Cassidy, who’s also a medical doctor, says he’s had patients who present with similar cognitive issues and once you begin this decline, it continues and often accelerates.

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When asked if he believes the 25th Amendment, should be invoked Cassidy says…

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