3:30 PM Newscast July 9

Physician and Louisiana Republican Senator Bill Cassidy had some strong words about President Biden’s health and rumored cognitive issues. Cassidy was asked if he believes the 25th Amendment should be invoked…

Cut 15 (13) “…not true.”

The 25th Amendment is invoked when a president is unable to perform their duties and the vice president becomes president.

Louisiana’s only Democratic Congressman, Troy Carter, says the President had a bad night, but Trump has had bad days too.

Cut 4 (09) “…get out of the race.”

The second presidential debate is scheduled for September 10th.

Tropical Storm Beryl claimed the life of a 31-year-old Benton woman Monday after a tree fell on her home. Bossier Parish Sheriff’s Office Lt. Matt Gaydos (gay-dess) says the fatality happened in northeast Benton.

Cut 6 (12) “…almost immediately.”

In Desoto Parish, Mark Pierce with the DeSoto Parish Sheriff’s office says they also received storm damage from Beryl. He says there was notable damage in the Lula community where Beulah Baptist Church appears to be destroyed.

Cut 8 (12)  “…foundation.”

Pierce says at one time yesterday he was monitoring four twisters moving through the parish.