15:30 08-25-14

A new panel called the Transportation Funding Task Force plans to meet next month and discuss ways the state can put more towards a better road and bridge system. Ken Perret is the president of the Louisiana Good Roads Association and he says they have some ideas..;

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Perret says he’s the public outcry to improve Louisiana’s roads is getting louder.

Jeff Davis Parish Sheriff’s Office Spokesman Chris Ivey is reporting a Jennings man is in jail for allegedly breaking into a family member’s home, and assaulting her. The charges…:
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Twenty-one year-old Sebastion Hanks allegedly began beating up the victim in front of her children.



The popular Louisiana spice “Slap Ya Mama” has been told by the NFL they cannot have virtual on-field ads during game telecasts anymore citing the fact it may send the wrong message. Cox Media sent a message to the Cajun spice company and said the matter was over domestic violence issues the NFL is facing. Jack Walker, whose mother actually owns “Slap Ya Mama,” says he’s stunned…:

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NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell says all advertisied products must be consistent with league standards.

She is one of the suspects in the killing and dismembering of Bourbon Street dancer Jaren Lockhart, and today, 30 year-old Margaret Sanchez pleaded not guilty to the crime. Sanchez entered that plea this morning in the Jefferson Parish Courthouse.