AM LRN Newscast June 23

Former President Donald Trump will visit New Orleans today for a big money campaign fundraiser. Mel Bridges has more.

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Beginning in the 2025-2026 school year high school students won’t be required to take the ACT. Brooke Thorington has more

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One lawmaker is calling for a veto session after his tort reform bill that attempted to address the state’s high auto insurance rates was vetoed. Jeanne Burns has the story…

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Former President Donald Trump will visit New Orleans today for a campaign fundraiser. JMC Analytics and Polling’s John Couvillon says Trump certainly doesn’t need to stop in Louisiana for campaigning.

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The fundraiser is being hosted by two of Louisiana’s biggest Republican donors and comes three days before the first presidential campaign debate of the year. Couvillon says he expects Trump to use the debate to prove his candidacy and attack President Joe Biden.

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On the other hand, Biden’s approval rate has yet to rise above 40% even with Trump’s felony fraud convictions last month. Couvillon says this may make the debates an uphill battle for the current president.

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The first 2024 presidential debate will be held Thursday at 8 P.M. CST on CNN.


High School students in Louisiana will no longer be required to take the ACT, even though ten out of 11 BESE members asked lawmakers to reject the legislation. BESE President Ronnie Morris worries it could be a missed opportunity for students who aren’t initially college-bound…

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Proponents say this will allow the state’s test average to improve because it will be more reflective of education in Louisiana and college-bound students. However, Morris believes it could result in missed opportunities for some students.

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Only 10 states require the ACT to be taken; the average score for those states is 19, while the national average is 19.2. Louisiana’s average score is 18.2. Morris says while he’s disappointed lawmakers chose to go against the request of BESE members…

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Beginning in the 2025-2026 school year, students will no longer be required to take the ACT or the Armed Services Vocation Aptitude Battery.


GOHSEP and the Louisiana Safe School Center announce the new School Safety Grant of $5 million in funding for schools across the state.  GOHSEP Director of Strategic Engagement Rubby Douglas.

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The grants were awarded for 126 projects in 40 parishes. Each project will receive up to fifty thousand dollars. Douglas says the funds will be used in a variety of ways.

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Douglas says the funds should be available July 1st and schools will begin projects this summer to be in place for the upcoming school year.

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The funds were awarded to both public and private schools.


Shreveport Representative Michael Melerine would like to see a veto session after his bill to reform the state’s current collateral source rule was vetoed by the governor. Melerine says his House Bill 423 could have helped lower auto insurance premiums by awarding payouts that match the cost of a person’s medical bills following a car crash

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Governor Landry vetoed 27 bills from the recently completed regular session and the veto of House Bill 423 is getting the most attention because Melerine says it is part of a package of bills that would have improved the legal climate for auto insurance companies…

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Landry says the proposed change to the Collateral Source Doctrine would result in car crash victims not receiving the payouts they deserved following a car crash. He says he’s trying to protect the working class…

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But Insurance Commissioner Tim Temple the current Collateral Source Doctrine produces windfall payments that result in accident victims getting more than they deserve….

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Louisiana Tech baseball coach Lane Burroughs signed a five-year extension with the school following his seventh season in Ruston. Burroughs has led the Bulldogs to NCAA Regional appearances in 3 of the last 4 seasons and three Conference-USA championships. Burroughs says he’s happy to confirm five more years in Ruston…

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The Bulldogs finished with a 45-and-19 record behind Burrough’s CUSA Co-Coach of the Year earning a conference regular season title and tournament appearance. Burroughs says it’s difficult to succeed as a smaller program in the NIL era, but his Bulldogs can compete with anybody…

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The Bulldogs will look a lot different next year as eight of the nine offensive starters last season were seniors. Burroughs will also lose out on the team’s two best relief pitchers Sam Broderson and All-American Ethan Bates. Burroughs says they’ve brought in 4 to 6 new transfers, and he feels his roster for next season is 98% ready…

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