8:30 am Newscast

The man accused of killing a Loranger mother and child is expected to be extradited back to Louisiana to face charges here. 36 year old Daniel Callihan is accused of killing Callie Brunette and her 4 year old daughter Erin. A Tangipahoa jury indicted Callihan and a second suspect 32 year old Victoria Cox on Thursday. The two are both in the custody of the U-S Marshall’s Service. Tangipahoa Parish District Attorney Scott Perrilloux says he hopes to have Callihan back in Louisiana as soon as possible.

Baton Rouge Representative Dixon McMakin is calling for an overhaul of Louisiana’s AMBER Alert system after a delay in request for Callie Brunette’s two missing daughters. Police records showed it took 3 hours to issue an alert after Erin and Jalie Brunett were reported missing last week. McMakin says part of the rework would make sure alert requests always go through to a real person.

Cut 4 (12) “…hour or two.”

Louisiana’s law requiring the Ten Commandments be posted in public classrooms is getting plenty of national attention and groups like the ACLU say they plan to fight it in court. Author of the legislation, Haughton Representative Dodie Horton believes it will withstand the challenge.

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Public schools, including colleges and universities that receive state funding, are required to post the Ten Commandments in the classroom no later than January 1, 2025.

Governor Landry has signed legislation giving the Louisiana Workforce Commission the responsibility of spearheading state workforce changes and solutions. LWC Secretary Susana Schowen (sh-ow as in ouch-en) says Senate Bill 293…

Cut 9 (12) “…employers.”