10:30 LRN Newscast June 14

The FBI is now the lead agency in the horrific murder of a three-year-old girl from Loranger and the kidnapping of her 6-year-old sister. 36-year-old Daniel Callahan, who allegedly also killed their mother Callie Brunett, and took them to Mississippi. Jackson Police Chief Joseph Wade…

Cut 3 (13) “…child’s life.” 

Law enforcement is reportedly also seeking a female accomplice in this case.

When it comes to the fate of a Constitutional Convention that Governor Jeff Landry is pushing for, Political Analyst Bernie Pinsonat believes Landry will have to drum up enough public support to pressure the Senate…

Cut 12 (10) “…regular session.” 


A new survey shows most Louisianians support expanding both fossil fuels and renewable energy. Mel Bridges has the story.

Cut 1 (30) “…I’m Mel Bridges.”


And beginning January 1st when you register to vote in Louisiana, you’ll be required to provide proof of citizenship. The new law says each applicant but include proof of US citizenship with their registration.  But the Secretary of State’s office has not determined what that proof will entail.