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6-year-old Jalie Brunett and 3-year-old Erin Brunett

A new survey shows most Louisianians support expanding both fossil fuels and renewable energy. Mel Bridges has the story.

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Louisiana has the second biggest debt delinquency problem in the nation. Mel Bridges has more.

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Two girls who were reported missing after their mother was found dead in their Loranger home Thursday morning, were later found in Jackson, Mississippi and only one of them is returning home. Brooke Thorington has more.

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A new survey shows 75% of Louisianians support more offshore oil and gas drilling in the state, but 72% support the expansion of solar panel farms. Dr. Michael Henderson, who led the 2024 Louisiana Survey, says the survey shows a split about environmental issues among state residents…

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For instance, 49% of Louisianians support prioritizing renewable energy sources, but 47% want to prioritize producing oil, coal, and natural gas. This is the first Louisiana Survey with a dedicated environmental section, though past surveys asked some related questions. Henderson says he’s glad they were able to make it happen this year, since…

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The survey found 76% of state residents said climate change played a role in severe weather they experienced last year, but they’re conflicted on how to best tackle it. Henderson says policymakers looking to use this data should take away more than just individual statistics…

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The survey report can be found on the LSU Reilly Center for Media and Public Affairs website.


Louisiana has the second biggest debt delinquency problem in the nation, with personal finance website WalletHub finding 12% of state debt tradelines were paid late in the first quarter of 2024. Analyst Cassandra Happe (Happy) says it’s likely not as easy as just paying back the loan for most delinquent Louisianians.

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10% of Louisiana loan balances were delinquent in quarter 1 of 2024. Happe says while it’s easy to consider delinquency a personal problem, it has far-reaching economic effects. For instance, delinquency affects creditors who rely on loans for income.

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Some types of debt have a 30-day window to make payments before they’re officially marked as late. Happe says if you find yourself unable to pay back your loans, the best thing to do is talk to your creditor about what options you have, including…

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Debt delinquency can lead to fees, credit score damage, increased interest rates, and more.


While Governor Jeff Landry accomplished many of his goals in the first regular legislative session of his term, he was not able to gain enough support for the constitutional convention he wanted. The push for a convention is expected to continue and political analyst, Bernie Pinsonat says it wasn’t without support…

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Pinsonat believes if Landry wants a constitutional convention, he will have to travel the state and take his case to the citizens of Louisiana before he takes his request back to the Senate…

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An August session would be possible, but Pinsonat says the only way he believes it would happen is if the Governor can drum up enough public support to pressure the Senate to go along with the House and call the convention.

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A tragic ending to the search for two young girls from Loranger, who were discovered missing when their mother 35-year-old Callie Brunett was found deceased in their home Thursday morning. Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office Chief Jimmy Travis describes what happened when law enforcement located Daniel Callahan in Jackson, Mississippi.

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The victim was three years old; she would have turned four in October.

Travis told reporters they believe the mother, was killed on Tuesday. Callahan then took her car and fled with her daughters. Callie Brunett’s parents reported her missing late Wednesday night, and her father found her body inside her home around 8 a.m. Thursday.

The car was spotted on camera in McComb, Mississippi, Thursday morning. In Jackson law enforcement was suspicious when they saw Callaghan pulling on doors in a neighborhood. Once they chased him down on foot, he took them to the car where they found six-year-old Jalie Brunett alive. Callahan then led them to the body of three-year-old Erin Brunett.

Travis says Callahan is not the father of the two girls, but he dated the mother off and on.  While a motive has not been released, Travis hopes they’ll find out more once they can question him.

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Travis asked for prayers for the family and said he couldn’t imagine the trauma six-year-old Jalie had been through.

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The Saints concluded mandatory veteran minicamp yesterday and will be on break until training camp begins July 24. One of the biggest stories from the three days of practice was the sharp performance of quarterback Derek Carr and the offense under new coordinator Klint Kubiak. Kubiak says Carr has learned quickly…

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If Kubiak and Carr hope to find success in their first year together, third-year wide receiver Chris Olave will surely play a big role. The former first-round pick caught 87 basses for over 1,000 yards and five touchdowns last season and Kubiak says his staff will lean into his strengths and expects him to contribute in every part of the offense…

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The Saints will also rely on their defense which finished 2023 ranked sixth in points allowed. With the return of cornerback Marshon Lattimore and key offseason additions, Kubiak says Allen’s defense is as tough as ever…

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